Rautakirja’s R-Kiosk Chain Enhances Service and Increases Sales with new Point-of-Sale System

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Capgemini worked with Finland-based Rautakirja Oy’s Kiosk Operations (R-Kioski) division to implement a POS solution designed to improve customer service, enable the sale of new types of products and enhance supply chain operations.

“ Our solution enables a completely new, real-time operations model, which will help us to enhance supply chain operations in the future. The system will also provide a firm basis for expanding our product and service selection to meet the changing needs of consumers. ”Pentti Talikka, Information Management Director, Rautakirja Kiosk Operation

The Situation

Rautakirja operates about 720 kiosks and convenience stores in Finland, with additional operations in the Baltic States.

The company needed a real-time operations model that could enhance its supply chain, improve customer service in the stores, and allow Rautakirja to expand its product and service selection.

The Solution

The new point-of-sale (POS) system was delivered, implemented and is supported by Capgemini.

The solution is based on a packaged application suite from Retalix, extended with local solutions like card payment functionality developed by Capgemini. The POS technology runs on the Microsoft Windows XP platform.

The Result

The new POS solution has been enthusiastically accepted by store employees. Customer service is faster and easier because of the informative touch-screen based user interface.


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