Optimal Cost and Process Transparency with “TANGO“

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The Situation

DB Schenker Logistics coordinates the transport of more than a million tons of air freight as well as a million ocean freight containers for its customers every year. Around the globe and around the clock.

At the dawn of the new millennium it had already become evident that the IT used for transport management would not be sustainable in light of the growing volumes and requirements. The company hence planned and launched a project to modernise the complex system landscape. During the implementation DB Schenker Logistics commissioned the logistics and development experts of Capgemini with conducting an audit, which resulted in the immediate stop of the ongoing modernisation and the development of a new, comprehensive solution approach.

The Solution

The recommendation of the auditors resulted in a second project attempt based on a completely new concept. This time, DB Schenker Logistics decided on Capgemini as the partner for the joint development and implementation.

The new solution received the name “TANGO“, short for “Transport Application for Air and Ocean Freight Network and Global Operations“.

TANGO replaces more than 32 legacy systems and, as the single, central system worldwide, supports the harmonised processes of the air and ocean freight business. The solution covers the entire end-to-end process of transport transactions – from order to invoice generation. In addition, it enables a consistent analysis of the transport chain in terms of costs, revenues and process quality.

With TANGO Capgemini has developed a transport management system offering maximum transparency and flexibility – also to customers and partners: a central, global data base allows DB Schenker Logistics at any time to provide up-to-date information about the details of transports.

A further element of customer orientation is the integrated rate & contract management, which especially facilitates a timely response to customer enquiries. Using TANGO, DB Schenker Logistics can now easily enhance existing business areas or efficiently develop new ones.

The Result

After project completion, TANGO will be available to about 12,000 concurrent users in nearly 130 countries.

Embedded in a carefully planned and executed project management, the system development and roll-out followed precisely defined stages, so-called increments. These were aligned with regional requirements as well as feasible roll-outs scenarios.

Next to the long-standing logistics experience of the Capgemini developers, backed up by excellent references of numerous top companies from the industry, our close collaboration with the DB Schenker Logistics practitioners and selected partner companies safeguarded the success of the project. Among others, special project tasks involved companies such as DB Systel (operations) and Sogeti (acceptance tests).