Focusing Mazda’s CRM Capabilities Across Europe

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Capgemini implements new Siebel system at Mazda Motor Europe for improved CRM capabilities in a consistent and uniform way.

The Situation

Mazda Motor Europe has grown rapidly over the past few years due in large part
to its ambitious product development plan, which launched a new generation of
cars. The company views Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a key factor
in helping to acquire new customers and building loyalty for repurchases going
forward. However, it lacked a consistent European-wide CRM program to support
the growth strategy.

“We felt it was important to consolidate with one European solution leveraging
existing best practices rather than having all the countries going in different
said Michael Vasseur, CRM Manager, Mazda Motor Europe. “In addition, the CRM market had reached a certain level of maturity in terms
of both systems and integrators that were capable of deploying the systems.”

The Solution

Capgemini worked with Mazda Motor Europe to develop a cross-divisional CRM roadmap
and implementation plan for the company’s key European markets. The single European
CRM process and systems platform, operating on Siebel, establishes end-to-end
processes from campaign set-up to customer management execution.

“We knew we wanted a web-based solution that would minimize infrastructure costs,” said Vasseur.

The Result

The new system established the foundation for Mazda Motor Europe to develop improved
CRM capabilities in a consistent and uniform way. The solution will also allow
the company to continue to expand its CRM strategy in the future.

“We chose Siebel because of its predefined automotive model, which was web-based
and very user friendly. We worked with Capgemini because it has broad coverage
across a European network, automotive expertise and a company culture that is
very customer oriented.”

Michael Vasseur, CRM Manager, Mazda Motor Europe


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