Through Cost Savings Longview Fibre Implements ERP Initiatives

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Capgemini helps Longview achieve complete integration of compatible functions with minimum impact on the company�€™s cashflow.

“The Longview/Capgemini team generated process and technology-driven changes that helped offset the project costs and are continuing to benefit the company five years later.”

Frank McShane, Executive VP, Supply Chain and COO, Longview Fibre

The Situation

Longview Fibre realized that in order to stay competitive in a tough market they would need to replace their aging systems, including their mainframe. In order to minimize the impact of the project on their cash flow, they wanted the implementation to be as cash neutral as possible.

The Solution

Release cash concealed in the operations to finance the business process improvement and ERP initiatives.

The Result

The entire project was funded through cost savings, resulting in a positive cash flow throughout the run of the project. Savings were achieved as planned while the project remained on schedule and under budget.