Service Based Development at KBC Group of Belgium

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Capgemini delivers SOA capability at KBC via its Integrated Architecture Framework

Capgemini has provided us with a toolkit which our employees can use to build
a high degree of competency

Patrick Toeback, Director, Process Management, KBC Group

The Situation

KBC, a financial services player, is active in banking, insurance and asset management.
It aims to achieve high profitability through up scaling. One of the cornerstones
to achieve this is a solid information and communications technology (ICT) architecture.
KBC selected Capgemini to provide it with a proven methodology for service architecture

KBC was keen to extend the challenge. Up scaling would be realised via merger
and acquisition in Central Europe, consolidation and selective outsourcing to
India. These were ample reasons to boost its architecture design capability.

The Solution

The Service Based Development (SBD) program, launched in 2003, had a Work Preparation
Framework (WPF) with Capgemini’s role at its heart. The remit was to apply best
available practice methods supporting the ICT architecture design and reorient
KBC’s IT-architects, business and technology analysts towards Service-Oriented
architecture design methodologies.

Capgemini tuned its Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) to fit the WPF Governance
model of KBC based on three fundamentals: way of thinking, working and writing.

The Result

More that 200 KBC ICT professionals and a dozen Capgemini architects have been
involved in SBD and WPF implementation. Over 100 people at KBC have been trained
in IAF, with in excess of 20 ICT professionals intensively coached in their projects.
A knowledge base has been established for use by the entire KBC ICT force.

KBC now has one of the most advanced architecture design toolkits with integrated
modeling methodologies offering significantly better agility. KBC enjoys sharpened
competency in business and IT collaboration and adaptive architectures to support ICT. 


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