ING Direct UK – Driving Effective Marketing Communications across Multiple Channels

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A world-class customer marketing solution has been deployed with help from Capgemini

“Capgemini helped us to deliver a world-class capability that will allow us to focus on better quality communications with our customers and drive marketing effectiveness.”

Jacqui Quilter, Head of Business Intelligence, ING Direct UK

The Situation

ING Direct is the world’s leading Direct bank.  Following a period of rapid growth in the UK the bank wants to retain and develop existing customer relationships by being able to make the right offer to the right people at the right time.

The Solution

The solution provides integrated customer and product data combined with the Infor Epiphany CRM application to enable the Marketing function to gain insight and perform analysis on ING Direct’s customer base and drive multi-segment, multi-wave and multi-channel campaigns. It will also allow ING Direct to view the effectiveness of the campaigns and use that knowledge for further refinement.

The Result

ING Direct UK now has a world-class capability that allows it to have direct access to customer and product data used for better segmentation and targeting.

Closed-loop marketing data allows ING Direct to monitor the effectiveness of campaign communications, act on insight and incrementally refine its targeting strategies.

This solution will enable ING Direct to increase the number of marketing campaigns executed in the next 2 years and drive better performance in acquisition, retention, cross-sell and up-sell activities.