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To prepare for an anticipated ’10x’ projected growth, the CFO and CIO realized that current IT applications, infrastructure, and processes needed re-vamping. Major overhauls were needed for the Enterprise’s ERP, CRM, clinical trials, manufacturing, and Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence (DW/BI) capabilities. the goals of this effort were to “future proof” the business and instill the necessary Enterprise Architecture disciplines that would allow the company to manage the significant growth challenges at hand.

Capgemini Invent led the transformational Enterprise Architecture project. Current state application portfolios were assessed, sub-domain Enterprise Architecture models were created, and a DW/BI strategy was created. A framework for evaluating IT investments was generated and a three-year roadmap was created to guide the technology efforts during this period of significant change.

This Enterprise Architecture framework was used to successfully guide steering committee meetings, project approvals, and annual budget processes.

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