Waking up to Greener IT at HM Revenue & Customs

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Reduced carbon emissions and energy cost savings for desktop computers.

The Situation

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) looks right across its entire organisation for opportunities to save energy and meet strict carbon reduction targets. The IT department has an important role to play, assessing all new equipment for energy efficiency and identifying where operational improvements can help. HMRC worked with Capgemini to deliver the first major IT project to cut CO2 emissions. The solution balances sustainability targets and HMRC’s need to leave PCs on overnight for automated software and security updates when staff and customers are not affected.

The Solution

‘Wake on LAN’ automatically sets HMRC’s PCs to ‘low power’ when they are not being used, and triggers them to ‘wake up’ for overnight updates, and after periods when they are idle during lunch breaks or while staff attend meetings. This bespoke solution also introduced enhanced maintenance and new management information, intelligently adapting existing service management tools instead of deploying new hardware components or new software licences.

The Result

HMRC has reduced overnight PC energy usage by up to 90%, cutting electricity costs by nearly £1 million by the time Wake on LAN was fully deployed. Savings accrued from day one of the pilot to full roll out more than covered project costs and reduced carbon footprint by almost 6,000 carbon tonnes. The decision to enhance desktop management as part of the Wake on LAN solution also helped to improve IT service for HMRC staff without incurring stand alone project costs.


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