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Helping an American coffee chain drive incremental revenue growth

A major American coffee chain was challenged with yearly growth in existing store sales. In the past, the opening of new stores and the introduction of new product lines fueled overall top-line growth, but as certain geographies become saturated and revenue cannibalization becomes an issue, the company sought innovative ways to grow incremental revenues.

Data driven promotions were adopted to drive individual level behavior, secure an increased share of wallet, while driving environmentally friendly practices important to the company.

Capgemini Invent was engaged to develop a modern data and analytics infrastructure and capabilities to quickly inform high-impact marketing decisions, improve marketing effectiveness, and drive better customer engagement.

The Challenge

  • Data Overload: Analyzing increasing volumes of data from disparate data sources is challenging (taking 7-10 days turnaround for analysis). This resulted in generic and under-optimized campaigns and missed revenue opportunities
  • Speed to Insight: Limited analytics resources resulted in backlogs and delays in obtaining insights
  • Poor Measurement: Lack of a proper measurement framework led to sub-optimal ROMI

Our Solution

  • Insights concierge providing end-to-end data and analytics services to guide marketing strategy and maximize return of investment (ROI).

Data Management

Developed scalable data pipelines enabling analytics and reporting Optimized performance of current data infrastructure to remove blockers in decision making.


Defined measurement frameworks and KPIs for campaign effectiveness and return on marketing investments (ROMI), enabling better decision making

Advanced Analytics including AB testing, simulation and measurement, providing ongoing insights on campaign performance measurement, customer engagement and understanding, customer purchase behavior and campaign planning and optimization

Consumption Layer

Production of insights systems delivered key findings and recommendations to drive better decision making on campaign design and targeting.


  • Established analytics and measurement frameworks for marketing activities – Delivered 3x increase in net incremental revenue
  • Optimized speed to insight, 96%+ Reduction in processing time for 1 year data – reduced from 24+ hours to 55 minutes
  • Provided insights for corporate marketing to guide their marketing strategy and maximize ROMI
  • Enabled ongoing analytics and measurement services for marketing and loyalty programs
    across channels and a range of campaigns
  • Helped reduce mass marketing spending by enabling personalized marketing to the right customers

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