Electrabel Paves the Way for Simpler and Harmonized Business Processes

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Capgemini implemented a unique SAP platform for all finance and generation entities in Benelux and Germany.

“ With Capgemini, we decided to respect the ‘open book’ approach that enabled all parties to efficiently monitor the different program delivery aspects. As a result the project was delivered in time and in budget. ”Manu De Jaegere, Business Program Manager, Electrabel

The Situation

GDF SUEZ, one of the leading energy providers in the world, is active across the entire energy value chain, in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream. The Group has the ambition to respond to energy needs, fight against climate change and maximize the use of resources. Due to the opening of the energy market in Europe, important investments and changes in processes, organization and systems were made over the last years in Benelux and Germany. A review of business processes revealed a clear need to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in order to better integrate core functions, reduce complexity and accelerate harmonization in Benelux and Germany. At the end of 2006 Capgemini was selected as the system integration partner to design and implement a new unique SAP platform.

The Solution

STAR aims to be the ‘vehicle for change’ that will support the implementation of the new processes for entities of the division Energy Benelux & Germany. These processes were designed and integrated cross Business unit and cross-country. From a technological perspective, all current applications were replaced by a unique SAP platform (single instance, single client), using SAP ECC 6.0 as basis. STAR is covering several main processes including Finance & Controlling, Procurement & Inventory, Maintenance, Business Intelligence and Human Resources and is making use of multiple SAP functional modules including FI, CO, SD, MM, PM, WCM, DMS, PS and HR. The STAR-One project was the initial step to replace the financial and generation applications of the conventional and nuclear power plants and the corporate finance organization in Belgium and Luxembourg. STAR is designed to be the foundation that will progressively integrate other entities through a pilot implementation in Germany in July 2008, Belux in 2009 and The Netherlands in 2010.

The Result

STAR delivered the targeted benefits. Since the first implementation, STAR delivered the targeted benefits and it continues over time:

  • Once the platform was implemented, all business processes were harmonized and simplified throughout Electrabel’s different Business units; this facilitates operational efficiency and better corporate governance.
  • The use of a unique integrated SAP platform significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the solution.
  • The integration of recently/future acquired companies in the harmonized solution will be easier and quicker thanks to the comprehensive functional coverage of the STAR solution, the template approach and the implemented Business & IT organization based on a central/local governance model.