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The Situation

Faced with rapid deregulation, Electricité de France (EDF), Europe’s largest
utility, needed to prepare for the challenges of new customer demands, consolidation
and vertical integration. By transforming its Retail operations to retain customers
and improve sales and service capabilities, EDF stood ready to greet the expectations
of 2.3 million customers who comprise the new, 70% open, highly competitive utilities

The Solution

Since 2002, Capgemini worked with EDF’s Customers Branch to develop, implement
and market an operational client-centric system to enhance commercial capabilities
from sales to service. The new sales and service capability was wrapped around
the launch of two new brands to show a dynamic commercial approach through an
expanding range of services with EDF Enterprises (for BtoB customers) and EDF
PRO (dedicated to small business).

The Result

Upon the official market open, EDF was up and running with newly branded products,
offering a range of expanded services to 2.3 million industrial and commercial
eligible customers and local authorities.

How EDF and Capgemini Worked Together

EDF is Europe’s largest Utility with an industry leading reputation for electricity
generation and distribution to over 45 million customers worldwide (30 million
in France).  Together EDF and Capgemini formulated a collaborative task force
to deal with deregulation issues as they impacted marketing, offers, organization,
processes and IT solutions. To meet the demands of the new open market, the task
force recognized the need to revise and revitalize EDF’s commercial systems capabilities
at every step along the sales & billing-to-service value chain. Taking advantage
of Capgemini’s deep understanding of utility businesses, leadership expertise
in CRM, billing, and an ecosystem of technology partners, the task force required
the implementation of an operational client-centric system to enhance EDF’s commercial
capabilities from sales to service. All EDF core systems went live before the
required government imposed deadlines and over 1,000 users (and growing) are currently
taking advantage of the system. EDF is experiencing increased invoice volumes
and overall ROI assessment is still ongoing.


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