A 20 Year History of Successful Bookings at DSB

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Capgemini ensures reservation system at the Danish State Railway remains one of the most advanced in the world

“ Customers have no direct contact with Plads90 but it is responsible for reservation availability, whether the request comes from a salesperson at Nyborg Station or from a customer in Skørping via the website. ”Thomas Hammelboe,Senior Project Manager,DSB IT

The reservation system at Danish State Railway (DSB)is one of oldest Scandinavian IT systems and is considered one of the best in its class.It handles over six million reservations and over 40 million requests annually.

For 20 years, DSB has been using the same IT system for reservations. Called Plads90, it was developed and has been maintained by Capgemini through all the years of its existence. Capgemini has been enabling DSB keep the same system up to date in a world where technology is changing so rapidly.

Even though Plads90, as seen through the lens of IT history, has reached an advanced age, its fundamental data structure and stability continue to prove that it can live up to the requirements of a modern reservation system.


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