London Borough of Croydon Improves Health of its Citizens

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Capgemini delivers an online solution for the LBC Active Lifestyles’ Exercise Referral Program

“ Thanks to Capgemini for their technical expertise, proposing solutions where needed and the development work. Through User Testing and immediate resolution of issues identified… Capgemini enabled the project to go live. ”Lois Curtis, Head of Active Lifestyles, London Borough of Croydon

The Situation

London Borough of Croydon (LBC), together with the National Health Service (NHS) Primary Care Trust, face a constant challenge in offering innovative solutions to their citizens. As part of their continuing program of activity, they have been working to introduce programs which will improve the health of citizens, fostering a preventative culture of resistance to serious health illnesses which arise from a lack of regular exercise. For this there was no automated solution.

The Solution

LBC needed to partner with an organisation that would closely understand not only their ways of working, but also the requirements of NHS primary care trust members and local fitness instructors working in the local leisure centres. Capgemini’s online solution, developed by a number of disparate application teams around the country, was created giving all organizations involved an opportunity to deliver an effective online management system which tracks participants on the Active Lifestyles’ Exercise Referral Program.

The Result

The LBC Active Lifestyles’ Team now has a fully operational online system which manages the Exercise Referral Scheme. This potential paperless system ensures effective management of the scheme thereby optimizing delivery of service to the participants.