Belgian Railways Migrates to New Financial Management System

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Capgemini maintains critical mainframe financial applications during SAP ERP upgrade

'' Our time was being completely monopolized by the financial applications of the existing mainframe, allowing no time to get our heads around the new ERP system. We knew we needed a subcontractor to take over the existing applications. Our concerns about the quality and quantity of people to be brought in were allayed once we established a dialogue with Capgemini. ''Rikie Eloot, COO of ICTRA

The Situation

The SNCB Group (Belgian Railways)had determined the need to migrate to SAP in order to support their future financial management.But it was absolutely necessary that their current system continue to function properly and robustly until the new one was operational.ICTRA (ICT for Rail), the ICT division of SNCB-Holding, asked Capgemini to handle the maintenance of the existing system so that they could concentrate on getting the new SAP system up and running.

The Solution

ICTRA and Capgemini decided on a two-phased approach. During the initial transitional phase,Capgemini would take care of the maintenance of financial applications for fixed credits, invoicing and accounting, in total representing 34 million lines of code (ADABAS/NATURAL on mainframe). Then during the standalone phase, Capgemini would be responsible for change management for the financial applications. In parallel, ICTRA would devote itself entirely to creating, developing and finally, maintaining the SAP system.

The Result

The legacy system functioned smoothly and reliably during the development and launch of the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With the new system up and running, since January 2010, Capgemini has continual responsibility for the legacy components still in use.


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