Behr Improves Purchasing Planning with Capgemini’s Help

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An SAP purchase planning tool has made it possible for automotive supplier Behr to develop a new strategic purchasing planning approach.

“ We have achieved a higher transparency in a very short time with the new purchasing solution. Now we can focus on areas where there are exceptions. ”Uwe Schneider, Project Leader, Strategic Purchasing, Behr

The Situation

Behr GmbH & Co. KG, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is a systems partner for the international automotive industry. The Behr Group specializes in automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems. The company’s old purchasing planning processes, based on different data and using individual Excel solutions were proving too slow for existing sales plans. Behr decided it was time for a new purchase planning approach. The company also determined that spending on supply purchases and the ratio could be optimized.

The Solution

Behr developed a future strategic purchasing planning approach spanning several years using a new SAP purchase planning solution. Capgemini was selected for the design and implementation of this system. The purchasing planning tool was implemented on the company’s existing SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) system.

The Result

The purchasing solution has completely revamped Behr’s purchasing planning process and made it possible for the company to develop a new strategic purchasing planning approach.


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