Allianz Insurance Winning Better Customer Service at Lower Cost

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Working with Capgemini and using IBM FileNet technology, Allianz Insurance chose paperless claims handling to win major business benefits.

“ Capgemini’s collaborative style of working was an important factor in the success of this key project. The resulting solution will deliver significant benefits to our customers, employees and shareholders. ”Jon Dye, Director, Claims, Allianz Insurance

The Situation

Allianz Insurance was determined to give its customers the best possible service when making claims, while eliminating unnecessary administrative costs and delays.

They looked to replace paper-based processes with new state-of-the-art technology, giving control and visibility of the entire claims life-cycle.

The Solution

Allianz Insurance chose Capgemini as main project partner for its planned transformation. Capgemini knew that modern document management and workflow software properly integrated with existing IT systems would give Allianz Insurance the solution that it required.

IBM FileNet P8 technology was selected and a collaborative project got under way. Capgemini’s Rightshore� strategy, involving a team from Capgemini in Mumbai, India, played an important part in ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of the delivered solution.

The Result

The new system means a further significant advance for Allianz in the quality of its customer service.

With relevant information always instantly available, customer inquiries can be dealt with speedily, and managers can have the facts at their fingertips on individual claims and overall performance.

The company also sees the new system as key to its plans to make significant, sustainable savings on claims processing costs.

Jon Dye, Director, Claims at Allianz Insurance, summarizes by saying:

The Capgemini solution gives us a platform on which to deliver better customer service at lower cost. It represents a major step forward in the technology that we are using to handle claims, opening up a whole range of new possibilities in the services that we offer to our customers from within our claims network.”

“This is a major investment that will deliver significant benefits to our customers, employees and shareholders.”