First Worldwide Computer-based Plant Maintenance System Implementation with SAP WAS – Web Application Server

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Aéroports de Paris invests in a new computer-based maintenance management system combining efficiency and user-friendliness.

“We wanted the new system for the users to be a tool as rich in functionality as it was efficient and easy to use.”

Pascal Lévàªque, Operations Manager, Aéroports de Paris

The Situation

With annual performances of €1.8 billion revenues, 75.3 million passengers, 1.99 million tons of freight and 735,000 aircraft movements, Aéroports de Paris is one of the biggest groups of airports in the world and operates the largest air traffic platform in Europe: 14 airports and aerodromes including Paris – Orly, Paris – Charles de Gaulle, Paris – Le Bourget. 8,200 people exercise their skills daily in all airport activities through 150 different professions. Aéroports de Paris is a state-owned company with financial autonomy, independent from the airlines.

In the current context of fierce worldwide competition between airports, performance and cost-effectiveness are key management indicators. Therefore, Aéroports de Paris decided, as it had already done for their Accounting, Purchasing and Sales SAP implementations, to entrust Capgemini again with implementing the new system dedicated to the upkeep and production follow-up of its plants and assets.

The Solution

In order to meet strong business requirements while ensuring user-friendliness to its 1,700 users, Aéroports de Paris and Capgemini decided upon the integration of the PM (Plant Management) module and the existing SAP back office system, the design of intranet screens via the WAS (Web Application Server), the integration of operations management and time recording, and the multi-system integration of the Maintenance Management application with other internal applications, e.g. plant and asset reference system through an EAI (Enterprise Application Interchange).

The Result

Due to this first worldwide implementation, Aéroports de Paris’ performance and cost-effectiveness radically improved. The new system not only facilitates the overall efficiency of interventions by reducing costs and enabling better follow up, but it also provides a more accurate overview of Aéroports de Paris’ installations and compliance.

In addition, the application’s user-friendliness was increased by the successful combination of business requirements and screen ergonomics.

After this success, Capgemini was elected to assist Aéroports de Paris in implementing the SAP e-Procurement solution.