Faster, More Flexible Delivery at ABB Robotics

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Capgemini supports with a standard configured solution based on SAP to help streamline the business.

“Capgemini’s management has not only been very receptive to our demands during the project, it has also been extremely professional.”

Ann-Therese Kirkland, Principal Project Leader, ABB Robotics

The Situation

When ABB Robotics came to define the requirements specification for its future system solution, it focused attention on business-critical systems, such as product development and customer orders, and on having a solution that was fully integrated from design to delivery.

The Solution

The project began with interviews with key people at ABB Robotics, after which financial source documentation was defined for each area. “Using this source documentation, our management was able to estimate a return on investment of three years,” says Ann-Therese Kirkland, principal project leader at ABB Robotics.

Since mid-2003, Capgemini has been supporting ABB Robotics’ business through a standard configured solution for the manufacturing industry, itself based on SAP’s world-leading business systems solution. Apart from normal functions found in a standard system, ABB Robotics also uses the solution for construction and change orders, advance product configuration, and after-sales support. The total number of system users is 900.

The Result

ABB Robotics enjoyed a very high rate of robot delivery, the highest ever at the time, in the same month as the system was commissioned. Mrs. Kirkland cites ABB Robotics’ logistics manager, who confirms that without the solution, employees would not have been able to administer, produce and deliver the record number of orders. Great improvements towards order changes and flexibility towards customers has helped to streamline the business. The same goes for planning that is unencumbered by frequent order changes. Purchasing benefits from access to precise data and the ability to adopt a “helicopter” view of business needs.


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