Annual IT Costs at ABB Automation Technologies Reduced by over 60%

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Capgemini delivers a powerful and cost effective SAP-based solution to support the business.

“Thanks to the standard configured solution for the manufacturing industry and Capgemini’s competent and highly experienced consultants, the project was a success.”

Owe Wikefeldt, Project Leader, ABB LV Systems

The Situation

ABB’s LV Systems division needed effective support for its business through the complete lifecycle, from purchasing, stock control, sales, distribution, production to internal and external accounting.

The Solution

Since October 2002, LV Systems has applied Capgemini’s standard configuration for the manufacturing industry, which is based on SAP.

“The solution has given us complete business support and has enabled the project to be run efficiently and cost-effectively,” says LV Systems’ project leader Owe Wikefeldt. The implementation covers purchase, stock control, sales, distribution, production, and internal and external accounting. A total of 120 people use the new business system. Project orders are used to maintain and manage every single customer order.

“This gives us overall control and allows us to make detailed follow-ups of individual customer orders,” says Mr. Wikefeldt.

The Result

The advantages of the new solution are many. Most importantly, total annual IT costs have been reduced by at least 60%.

“Instead of having many small systems each dealing with its own specific area, we now have a complete system that gives us total, at-a-glance control, which makes the checking of material and purchase needs easier and more efficient. The biggest advantage for us is, however, that the system is very user-friendly,” says Owe Wikefeldt.


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