Roles with Capgemini Invent

Staying at the forefront of innovation, spearheading real sustainable progress and impacting the lives of millions takes the collaborative effort of all kinds of innovators. Our team combines the unique strengths, ways of thinking and ambitions of strategists and transformers, creative designers, data specialists, technologists and so many more – driven by their individual passion and united by one mission: Bringing to life what’s next!

Strategists and Transformers

From boosting an organization’s success through digital transformation to inventing entirely new business models. Our strategists and transformers support our clients with their unique curiosity, creativity and ability to develop business and market insights, organizational knowledge and strategic recommendations that enable our clients, their customers and society as a whole to thrive. Interested in joining us as a strategist and transformer?

Data Specialists

As data experts, scientists, architects, engineers or analytics practitioners, our data specialists ace leveraging the true value of data and data-driven and AI-based technologies. Taking advantage of the proven expertise of the Capgemini Group, they support our clients in solving some of the most complex issues of our time, dis aggregating their problems, gaining the right insights – and ultimately applying them in the form of innovative, creative and effective solutions. Are you our next data specialist?

Creative Designers

An integral part of our team, our creative designers are responsible for the magic behind our innovative solutions, revolutionary visions and digital wonders: Combining the capabilities of business, service and product designers, researchers and UX, UI and visual designers, they bring together end user needs and business strategy with a clear, compelling technology vision. Sounds like you want to be one of our creative designers?


Working hand-in-hand with our strategists, creative designers and data specialists, our technologists develop the cutting-edge digital solutions for which Capgemini Invent is famous in the market. They are a core part of our projects from start to end – identifying the benefits of emerging technologies for our clients, designing tailored solutions to their intricate problems and making sure that they are taken to their full potential. Want to become one of our technologists?