Manufacturing engineering and technology

We help our customers with work preparation through to process execution, delivering new standards of productivity and performance. World-class manufacturing frameworks, digital technologies, and advanced robotics enable breakthrough production improvements.

Capgemini Engineering has manufacturing engineering expertise, sector knowledge, and substantial and relevant technology skills. We help industrial companies transform their operations, and deliver quantified improvements in performance, flexibility, and productivity.

Capgemini Engineering Global Service Line specializes in manufacturing engineering and technology. It offers world-class manufacturing frameworks, enhanced with digital technologies and advanced robotics, and supported by knowledge gathered by our field engineers working on the shop floor in daily manufacturing engineering activities. Together, we lay the foundation for breakthrough improvements in production activities.

What we do

Manufacturing 4.0

We enable our clients to achieve quantifiable performance improvements in their manufacturing operations by using advanced digital and automation technologies.

Everything we do helps manufacturing organizations take advantage of the latest developments to build a better future – at scale. We offer full digital transformation, developing roadmaps, solutions, and implementation programs that are tailored to needs. We provide digital training for manufacturing operations – and we also offer digital maturity assessments for pharma operations.

Production operations & optimization

We provide support in transforming and operating the manufacturing engineering activities of factories, from the definition of the process to the execution of day-to-day activities.

We help organizations to streamline, improve and innovate in their manufacturing operations. Areas in which we provide practical support include production scheduling and control; work design, preparation and improvement; production system modelling; and the transformation of IT and of operational technology for smart manufacturing.