Your path to Agile at Scale: improving development speed, quality, innovation, and business agility

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Why moving forward to Agile at Scale requires looking back first: Many companies aren’t getting the results they want – the problem might be the questions you’re asking

In this series of dispatches from the field, I analyze how you can better innovative and adopt Agile and DevOps ways of working – to drastically improve development speed, quality, innovation, and business agility.

In this first dispatch, we’ll look at some of the basic barriers to Agile and DevOps adoption at scale and what you can do to overcome them. Our focus will be on scaling up to groups of teams across multiple domains and platforms.

Organizations are seeing their business models and markets go through disruptive changes that require business agility to just keep up with the competition. Most companies have adopted some form of Agile delivery and automation to meet business demands. While most organizations have adopted the tools and frameworks to leverage Agile, too many are struggling with enterprise adoption but are not reaping any benefits. Your move to Agile at Scale can provide the holistic view necessary to splice your legacy systems into the digital DNA of your organization, so your IT can focus on business outcomes that promote true business agility – but only if your organization is ready.

Reaping all the benefits of Agile at Scale starts with asking yourself the right questions

So, how do you make sure you’re ready to implement Agile at Scale effectively? Start with asking yourself these strategic questions:

  • Are we, as an organization, fully mature in our current Agile and DevOps frameworks and mindset?
  • How should we adopt scaling?
  • Which scaling framework should we choose?
  • Are we ready for the type of change this will cause?
  • Are we committed to making the investment necessary to retool, replatform, and re-architect for long-term success?
  • Do we have an adequate change management process in place to help drive and reinforce the change?
  • How do we get the business to agree with iterative and incremental delivery?
  • How do we get the business to be accountable?
  • Are we fully committed to promoting, monitoring, and correcting behavior to execute the changes needed throughout the organization?

Unfortunately, many of these questions are being ignored, resulting in hasty, short-term decisions instead of strategic, long-term ones. In my next dispatch, we’ll look at some common pitfalls to avoid when executing them.

In the meantime, contact me here to find out how you can lay a solid foundation for scaling effectively with Capgemini’s ADMnext.

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