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This is what I show people when they ask about the future of tech

Not even a CTIO[1] can see the future, but we do spend a lot of time with our conceptual binoculars trained on distant horizons, which gives us a pretty good idea of the landscape ahead. Like ancient mariners, we sketch maps of these undiscovered countries – perhaps not 100% accurate but invaluable indicators of the dangers, and opportunities, enterprises will be steering into sooner than they think. Every year at Capgemini we put together a whole almanac of these sketches of the future – we call it TechnoVision.

What is TechnoVision?

Now in its 12th year Technovision outlines key technology trends (and how to apply them) in a simple and accessible way. Covering the entire technological landscape, the guide examines technologies into seven distinct containers, varying from the super techy to the uber creative and user-friendly.

These containers don’t just give a clinical, high level view, they are filled with use cases and real-life stories showing how these technologies are already making a positive impact on business; producing cost savings, reducing time frames, increasing profit margins, or building brand trust.

Above all TechnoVision is a practical guide. It shows you how to create a dialogue in your organization around critical technologies, how to use these themes to inspire, guide, and shape your business for the future.

What’s inside TechnoVision?

There are 6 main containers and 1 extra one:

  • Invisible Infostructure
    • Evolving IT Infrastructure into the simple, pluggable utility it was always supposed to be.
  • Applications Unleashed
    • Liberating a legacy application landscape and unleashing the next generation of powerful, agile, cloud-based apps.
  • Thriving on Data
    • Leveraging data and algorithms as an asset to increase the “Corporate IQ”.
  • Process on The Fly
    • Building, managing, and running processes that match the dynamics of the digital outside world.
  • You Experience
    • Creating seamless user experiences for decisive, magical moments.
  • We Collaborate
    • Tapping into the power of the connected and collaborative “everything”.
  • Design for Digital
    • Overarching design principles to be followed and checked throughout the journey of becoming a Technology Business


Technovision 2020 is a unique, playful perspective on technology trends​

  • The latest, coolest technology developments presented in a coherent and distinctive framework​
  • A trust-worthy source of forward-thinking insights, contributed by a diverse group of Capgemini’s top experts​
  • Illustrated with use cases and real-life stories to align new technology with business impact​
  • Create a dialogue to inspire, guide, build and shape business into the future​
  • Demonstrate that Capgemini has a clear and unique view of innovative Technology Business

Want to know more?

Simply download Technovision 2020 here.

[1] CTIO=Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

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