Automation in Application Service Management

New business and technology landscape necessitates a fundamentally different approach to Application Service Management. Today’s world is increasingly getting automated with Business & Technical environment like machines, cars, chairs, and plants interacting with clouds, smart sensors, embedded software, broadband, and predictive analytics. To build these fundamentally different solutions, organizations need to automate their services, processes, skills, and operating models. They will need to leverage approach which will fundamentally be the convergence of information and operational technologies. These include automation approaches to all of the enterprise business functions, as well as to technology strategy, governance, and infrastructure; system architectures; and apps.

Automation should not be just used for repetitive tasks or activities. The hallmark of Automation is a successful business with a landscape that has agility to optimize with changing environment, diverse functions need to operate at varying speeds determined by the demands of business. The basic building blocks for Application Service Management Automation are 


Integrate – this phase consists of design and development of environment supported by enterprise grade orchestration of people, process and technology that take care of repetitive, predictable tasks or activities

Automate – this phase consists of automation engine (like Ayehu eyeShare) that executes the various operations in the process definition, often in coordination with deployed agents. This helps eliminate these labor-intensive manual interactions, providing an intuitive automation tool that automates key processes such as system, network and application tasks thereby freeing up time to focus on key issues that improve service levels.

Accelerate – this phase helps to substantially increase productivity of key staff and enhance operational consistency by aligning the business and more transparency in ensuring compliance requirements with help of a more integrated and coordinated IT environment that dramatically reduces operational expenses and allows more high-value enhancements. 

The approximate cumulative benefits that organizations can gain because of Automation in Application Service Management are shown below.


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