London Hydro is building innovative energy management solutions for its customers and leveraging emerging cloud-based technologies to realize operational efficiencies.  These solutions include enterprise systems such as SAP CIS, Itron IEE, and Intergraph GIS/OMS/Mobile, as well as custom applications based on the Green Button standard.  In this rapidly evolving environment, London Hydro needed a testing services partner with:

·         Proven testing methodologies

·         Testing resources with utility-specific domain experience

·         Depth of resources and the agility to meet variable testing requirements

·         Experience in testing emerging cloud technologies, mobile solutions, and enterprise systems.

London Hydro selected Capgemini as its testing partner to help it achieve its vision for digital transformation in what has become a “triple win” for London Hydro, Capgemini and energy consumers in the markets they serve.

The Real Challenge

London Hydro has developed a leading-edge, digital technology platform that enables customers to effectively manage energy efficiency and monitor usage as part of the industrywide Green Button initiative.  In order to evolve its Green Button solutions and extend them to other utilities and their customers, London Hydro needs a testing services supplier that provides a wide range of testing services and brings innovative strategies to increase the maturity of its testing program.  This reflects a trend recently reported in the World Quality Report 2015-16, which was published jointly by Capgemini and HP Software: “Digital transformation is rapidly shaking up business operations and organizations are placing more focus on QA and Testing, with the aim to develop a smoother customer experience” 

The Solution

Capgemini was pleased to be selected to provide London Hydro with transformational testing services to help cement London Hydro’s reputation as a pioneer of customer-focused digital technology services for utility customers.  Capgemini was awarded a multi-year testing services agreement.  Capgemini and London Hydro also entered into a digital technology partnership that resulted in Capgemini becoming the first to partner with London Hydro in marketing its Green Button solutions to other utilities.

The engagement was initiated under a staff augmentation model so that London Hydro can select the specific testing services it needs based on its evolving requirements.  Through global delivery, Capgemini is introducing leading practices, innovation, value-add services, and testing accelerators that increase the overall maturity and efficiency of testing.  If the volume of testing work increases due to new projects or support requirements, Capgemini will help London Hydro transition from the staff augmentation engagement model to a Managed Testing Services (MTS) model. Just as utilities are now contracting with vendors to supply complete packages to implement, control and maintain equipment in the field, some organizations are outsourcing their QA and testing services.  With the MTS model, Capgemini shares in the accountability and responsibility for the successful outcome of engagements.  The MTS model will enable London Hydro to further reduce its total cost of operations, optimize its resources, and realize year-over-year cost and value benefits.  

“Capgemini offers unparalleled testing services for fail-safe operations and will help ensure our innovations and investments are of the highest quality. We thank Capgemini for their commitment as our first reseller of the Interval Data Centre service, as they extend this valuable Green Button program across the markets they serve.” (Syed Mir, Vice President of Corporate Services and CIO, London Hydro, and Chairman of the industrywide Green Button Alliance)

Keys to Success

The partnership London Hydro and Capgemini have formed is a “triple win” – a win for the partners, as well as energy consumers in the markets they serve.  The success of the partnership lies in these principles, which Capgemini embraces in its client-centric approach:

·         Thoroughly align with, and dedicate yourself to, your customer’s vision

·         Think beyond your customer to its customer, and enhance the end user experience

·         Provide customers with maximum flexibility to determine what resources are needed in a rapidly-evolving environment

·         Partner, partner, partner with industry leaders who set the standards for innovation and creativity.