Generally in organizations developers are a group of people with very high technical skills on developing solutions / coding, architecture, infrastructure and networking. What do developers want; they want a fully self-service environment. In essence they do not want the bothered to much by all kinds of rules that hinder them in doing development work.

To make it more tangible, developers want to be able to quickly spin up a new environment, test a new concept, fail fast and try a new approach or solution direction in which they think might be right. In general this will require a solution in which you can quickly create a new environment as well as an environment that allows you to quickly deploy or clone a existing solution and build upon that. Cloud based solutions provide such a solution and that is why cloud based solutions find such a big adoption within enterprises.

To allow your developers to make use of all the new options provided by Oracle a good practice is to expose your developer community to the Oracle Developer Cloud. A more extensive blogpost on this subject can be found at this page.

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