Capgemini NA Hosts 2016 Employee Resource Groups Strategic Leadership Meeting

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To exemplify Capgemini NA’s continued investment in Diversity & Inclusion, this month, we hosted our third Employee Resource Group (ERG) Strategic Leadership Meeting.  The purpose of the 2016 ERG Leadership Meeting was to create a common vision for success around ERG strategies, plans, measurement, and metrics. Over 50 Executive and Employee ERG Leaders participated in this […]

To exemplify Capgemini NA’s continued investment in Diversity & Inclusion, this month, we hosted our third Employee Resource Group (ERG) Strategic Leadership Meeting. 

The purpose of the 2016 ERG Leadership Meeting was to create a common vision for success around ERG strategies, plans, measurement, and metrics. Over 50 Executive and Employee ERG Leaders participated in this session which was held in Capgemini Chicago’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE).  This year’s meeting objectives included:

•       The assessment of progress for FY16 ERG strategies including initiatives, plans and resource allocations across each ERG.

•       Visioning for ERG groups around success metrics for FY17.

•       Introduction of an ERG scorecard.

•       Sharing best practices and highlights across the ERGs which can be leveraged across the ERG program.

The tone for the meeting was set through introductory remarks provided by Randy Cozzens, Corporate Vice President and Executive Sponsor for the NA D&I Program, and Janet Pope, NA Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Leader.  one of the key connection points for our ERG Leaders, and why our D&I programs are a business imperative, is our ability to engage with the market in the future. Our marketplace engagement is going to require a very diverse and inclusive organization.  We think of Capgemini as a living organism.We need an organization that thrives with people of different talents, backgrounds, frames of reference and experiences as a means to engage with clients in different and meaningful ways.  Randy stated, “The ERGs are the heart and soul of our organization’s D&I efforts as they represent where we need to continue to chart our future in terms of embracing a diverse, robust and healthy culture.”  Both Randy and Janet acknowledged the current successes of the ERG Program, but also called for continued engagement in business solutions delivery for Capgemini.

Introductions were followed by infomercials highlighting YTD FY16 accomplishments presented by ERG Leadership teams, a CR&S overview, and presentation of a tech tool that the HOLA ERG is creating to provide a solution to a business partner. 

The afternoon was devoted to each ERG completing an assessment tool that quantitatively measures effectiveness of the ERGs’ current focus, and provides navigation for future planning.  In the near future, there will be another blog article devoted to the actual technology that comprises the ERG Scorecard tool, I led the assessment exercise with Jeffery Smith, a Sr. Consultant with Jennifer Brown Consulting.  Jeffery has consulted with Capgemini throughout our ERG Program journey with key contributions through our adoption of the 4C model and the JBC Progression Model.  Jeffery had this to say about our ERG Leaders in this meeting, “The ERG leaders demonstrated a high level of interest and engagement in the assessment tool.  I witnessed the ERG leaders discuss the survey questions intently and give due diligence to the process.  It was great to watch them embrace the intellectual capital invested into the development of the tool.”

Through implementation of Capgemini’s ASE methodology, ERG Leaders concluded the meeting’s significant impact towards the following deliverables which will shape FY17 action plans:

•       YTD ERG Score Card Assessment

•       Review of YTD tracking against FY16 action plans, and H2 modifications as needed

•       Vision for FY17 ERG success and metrics to measure success

•       Roadmap and next steps

Using the Accelerated Solutions Environment we were able to meet the objectives of the session using the Scan, Focus and Act approach in a high productivity environment using a whole systems view on ERG’s diversity, which highlighted the power of the ERG intersection.

More information on how Capgemini’s ERG driving a positive shift in our organization’s culture can be found in this article: Employee Resource Groups Make An Impact for Capgemini North America.

ERG Meeting and Article Contributors:

Krystianne Avedian is a Principal Executive at Capgemini focused on strategy, development, execution and GTM landing of a change management offer.  Her experience in the fast paced, highly competitive technical marketplace, globally, has served her well. She maintains strong consultative and collaborative skills complemented by a high energy level, keen interpersonal awareness, the ability to excel in communications across all levels, superior teamwork and leadership skills.

Krystianne has been committed and active in Diversity & Inclusion efforts established throughout her professional career, focused primarily on LGBT and gender topics. In 2003, she launched Capgemini’s first LGBT Employee Resource Group.  Krystianne currently holds board positions for Lesbians Who Tech and HyeTech.

Krystianne has a Masters of Business Administration from University of California, Irvine and a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Business from Point Loma University, and her passions are spending time with her partner, Hilary and their dog, Lily as well a yoga, hiking and culinary/wine interests.


Jeffery L. Smith currently serves as a Sr. Consultant for Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC).  He is a dedicated HR executive with a successful track record of improving employee productivity and contributing to employee growth and development. Known for his ability to build highly effective teams and deliver operational excellence, Jeffery has consistently enhanced the strategic performance of several business units within Fortune 50 companies. He partners with influential business leaders to prioritize and meet organization goals.

Prior to JBC, Jeffery was VP of Operations / Executive Director of Diversity Best Practices where he worked with Fortune 500 C-Suite leaders to develop diversity and organizational strategies.  He was also recognized as a leader in ERG strategy development and infrastructure building.  He was also a featured speaker and panelist at DBP’s domestic and global conferences.

A global leader, he has led training and development sessions in Western Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia. He has also been a featured panelist and speaker on Diversity & Inclusion at several conferences throughout the country.

Jeffery served as Co-chair of the Conference Board’s Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council.  He also serves on the board of the American Brain Tumor Association and is board Vice-Chair for The National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc. Jeffery holds a BSBA from Drake University.


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