S/4HANA, Digital, Roadmap, Business Case – not just SEO, but a robust approach!

I have seen a lot of presentations on “the roadmap to S/4HANA” and “building your business case for S/4HANA”. I start off interested but they end up as either a technical A to Z of the system migration, or lapse into generic messages about speed, financial close, and insight to action.

So what is the business value of S/4HANA? The S/4HANA application has been around long enough for most organisations to know the technical aspects by now. But Gartner analysis shows customer adoption is only just starting to develop. One reason for this is that customers have, so far, struggled to build a compelling business case.

Business value

We did some detailed work last year on the business value of Simple Finance, now S/4HANA Finance. See Tim Fisher’s blog on the subject here. This detailed analysis is now a robust approach.

The approach has been widened to include S/4HANA Enterprise Management and the full SAP platform and application suite. It enables our customers to identify the potential value from these digital offerings, and helps shape their SAP digital strategy, develop their roadmap, and find the right path to S/4HANA.

The approach

The approach deals with scenarios and not just generic benchmarking. When you partner with us we will work with you to identify the unique, cross-value chain problems that need to be solved and do it in innovative ways. As a start, we undertake a thorough analysis and engage with the right business stakeholders to develop a set of hypotheses and complete a rapid benefit assessment. A study can optionally progress to full business case or more focused work packages, supported by proof of concepts and prototyping.

Pre-built content

Our pre-built content enables a rapid way of working.

We have analyzed end-to-end business process across all value streams (supply chain, HR, finance etc.), to derive a taxonomy of major pain points and transformational opportunities. This provides a quick route to identifying key focus areas but can also flex to incorporate specific pain points or niche, industry-specific concerns of the customer that touch multiple parts of the end-to-end value chain.

See the technology

We also understand that people want to see things for real. Our demo systems are aligned with major scenarios, pain points, and the areas of benefit highlighted in the approach. Stayed tuned for an update that showcases the S/4HANA system and business benefit opportunities!


We have utilised Capgemini-wide expertise to develop the approach. This includes business and technology expertise in areas of: supply chain, finance, HCM, and enterprise performance management, plus the leading practice from Capgemini Business Services and Business Transformation Services.

Contact and links

Key contact: Duncan Prior, Head of Capgemini’s SAP Packages Assurance Services. Duncan has successfully led implementations, strategic studies, and packages assessments for many of our major clients, using this experience to shape and guide the approach.

For more information, see our dedicated page https://www.uk.capgemini.com/sap/sap-roadmap-and-business-case-services