Innovation is becoming a mantra across industries, disciplines and departments as the need to keep up with the pace of consumer enablement and adoption of technology grows. However, we see today that many companies are struggling with the challenge to transform the pace and approach of their business to embrace speed, change, complexity and dynamic business models.

Successful and sustained innovation isn’t about simply adding a new technology, implementing a mobile marketing app, or increasing the product R&D budget. Success is achieved though thinking differently about how to operate the entire business, including the people, processes, technology and partners that can harmonize and deliver benefits for customers, employees and shareholders. To transform a business in this way requires what we call Applied Innovation

At Capgemini, we believe that successful innovation is planned, nurtured and integrated across the fabric of an organization and requires access to sources of ideas, technology, and partners across established companies, start-ups, and academic institutions. To support our Canadian clients in their journey to realize the potential of innovation, we have introduced our proven methodology of Applied Innovation through the opening of our Applied Innovation Discover Center in downtown Toronto. As one of 10 high performance experience and delivery facilities globally, we offer a safe place for learning, experimentation and concept development. 

Our core innovation framework includes these three principles: Discover, Devise and Deploy

Discover: with so many potential sources, how do businesses position themselves to spot the next breakthrough idea? We help to source, evaluate and prioritize those actionable ideas. 

Devise: how can organizations effectively and quickly evaluate ideas? We provide teams that can rapidly design, pilot, evaluate and iterate ideas to see which deliver the required benefits. 

Deploy: innovations which are not embedded into established business processes provide limited long term benefits, so we work to ensure that new technology and processes can be embraced safely and effectively into the enterprise’s operations.

One client to spotlight is London Hydro, which is innovating around its digital core. Last month, we were awarded a three-year IT testing and quality assurance contract. They also have a demonstration of their Green Button Energy Data Platform featured at our Applied Innovation Discover Center.

“London Hydro is at the forefront of how digital technologies can be deployed to help customers optimize energy usage,” said Sanjay Tugnait, CEO Capgemini Canada. “We are further strengthening our relationship with London Hydro by showcasing its (Energy Data Platform) in our recently launched Applied Innovation Discover Center in Toronto, and offering the solution to our clients through our joint go-to-market strategy.”

By leveraging the new Applied Innovation Discover Center and our innovation framework we are helping our clients discover, devise and deploy innovation to embrace the rapid pace of market change and effectively transform into consumer-focused, digitally savvy market leaders.