In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, organizations are adopting digital transformation as a core strategy to steer their business in the right direction. Though turning digital investment into business advantage has become a necessity, we often find organizations grappling with the digital proposition. Let’s probe this a bit further and see what the Mendix Platform as a Service (PaaS) can do for you!

Dealing with the Digital Conundrum

Digital transformation remains a conundrum. Come to think of it: research indicates that only 7% of global firms have become digital organizations. Why is it so? I’d say it is primarily because organizations fail to understand that being truly digital is about bringing value to both worlds: the old and the new.  It needs the imagination, the speed and agility of the digital age while ensuring the fundamentals of the traditional world: performance, reliability, scalability, sustainability and security.

Almost all our clients want to innovate to continue delivering a personalized customer experience to their end customers and innovate fast – in days, not weeks or months! They look for a cost-effective IT software application delivery approach that enables them to innovate and accelerates time to market their products and services, while also meeting regulatory requirements.

M for Mendix, M for More!

With the Mendix App Platform, we have an application platform as a service that can quickly create, deploy and manage IT applications. For starters, our collaboration with Mendix started in 2011 and together, we have worked with multiple clients to translate business ideas into IT solutions, almost instantaneously. This was made possible through model-driven development and one-click deployment features that almost completely eliminates IT implementation translation errors.

Today, apart from being the largest partner of Mendix globally, we are looking at ways to combine the Mendix application development capabilities with smart services such as IBM Watson services, business intelligence, Business Data Lake as a Service (BDLaaS) as well as creating intelligent portals. This definitely augurs well for organizations that are in various stages of coping with the digital conundrum.

A recent and nice example of this collaboration was helping Gouda based insurance company, De Goudse verzekeringen. Using the Mendix platform, our team was not only able to build business applications for the insurers incredibly fast, but also helped them in evolving as a digitally matured company with a future-ready application landscape. The icing on the cake was being conferred the “Digital Transformation Partner of Year” award at the global Mendix World event on June 7-8 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.   

Helping organizations stay two steps ahead

The accolade from Mendix recognizes our capabilities as a trusted partner for digital transformation and reiterates our already established reputation. Capgemini continues to build on Mendix’s path-breaking App development platform using its rich industry expertise and deep domain consulting knowledge. It provides compelling value propositions to its customers and helps them stay ahead of the competition.

So, think about this – you want to provide innovative and disruptive solutions to your end customers but you are restrained by prohibitive IT software application development cycles and costs. But say, you sit together with your IT team on the Mendix App Platform and in a couple of days, you go from product or service ideation to launch! How cool is that?