The 2015 Teams


It is that time of the year again when students from prestigious institutes worldwide are getting geared up for another thrilling edition of the Data Science Game, held this year at Capgemini’s Les Fontaines campus on September 10th and 11th. The Data Science Game, a platform to promote students from Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Data Science backgrounds allows budding talent to show their skillsets in an innovative Data Science hackathon.

I am really looking forward to the exciting two-day event which is set to witness a buzzing campus full of young minds from more than 50 universities covering 28 countries across the globe. The competition will put forth real-life demanding and innovative business challenges to all the participating students, requiring them to imagine and implement predictive models related to Big Data issues.

We’re delighted to be nurturing and pushing up and coming talent to the best of their abilities. There is a huge potential in these students to grow into successful Data Specialists and game changers in this space. Like last year, we are one of the key sponsors of the Data Science Game 2016, which provides a golden opportunity to participating students to showcase their capabilities in a conducive environment, with expert advice and support on hand from Data Scientists working in the partner firms.

The competition will be an inspiring experience for over 150 students, who will undergo an online Data Science challenge, where the first teams to enroll will battle it out in a rigorous online application process, from June 17 to July 10, to prove their mettle. It will also be interesting to see students survive the first wave of the competition, where they will need to put their heads around finding the best solutions to a predictive problem involving massive and complex data, using statistical algorithms. In the end, the best 20 teams who score highest on the predictive power of these algorithms will compete in the final phase of the Data Science competition in Paris.

As a professional Data Scientist, it is awe inspiring to see the zeal and focus in the upcoming generation of specialists and platforms like the Data Science Game is a step towards honing their talent and unleashing their true potential. I would like to extend my best wishes and good luck to all the participating students. We are confident that it will be a true learning experience for everyone associated with this initiative.


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