With the rise and maturing of cloud concepts enterprises do adopt more and more cloud concepts. Enterprises do use public and private clouds in a rapidly growing pace. Public clouds are not appropriate for every type of company due to the nature of the business or the legal requirements on data security. To ensure enterprises that are not able to make use of public clouds can still benefit of the concepts of cloud the private cloud concept is winning in popularity over traditional data center technologies.

By using a private cloud concept some new, or hidden, challenges come to light. One of the often hidden challenges with hosting a large set of databases is the correct connection of applications to the correct database. Too often still done manually and decentralized in an error prone and labour intensive process.

As the concept of cloud and specifically the concept of database as a service introduces a decoupling of the traditionally relative hard bounding between hosts, databases and services there is the need to revisit the architectural principles of how applications connect to databases.

An already existing technology in the form of remote listeners provide a solution to this issue. Within this whitepaper a outline of how to use and configure remote listeners in a Database as a Service concept is given.

Capgemini has deployed numerous solutions based upon cloud principles for large enterprises as part of Capgemini Enterprise IT rationalization programs. The concept, as outlined in the paper, is a tested and proven solution which has been implemented by the authors at customers who use large numbers of databases in a highly agile environment. The environment where this has been used are commonly full Oracle based environments where the overall IT footprint consists out of private cloud deployments based upon Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise manger (including all self service options available within OEM).

The above whitepaper is written by Peter Lengkeek and Johan Louwers. For more information about this topic, feel free to contact Johan Louwers directly via johan.louwers@capgemini.com