“So tell me, what’s the next disruptive technology?”. It’s the typical question you get asked a lot, especially when clients or colleagues find out you happen to be part of Capgemini’s global CTO network.

Obviously, the answer is that we don’t know (yes Jon Snow, you’re most welcome to join our merry band). Otherwise, the technology wouldn’t be that disruptive after all, now would it?

Having said that, we should never stop analyzing the rapidly evolving technology environment around us, its trends, its drivers and the impact they may or may not have on our daily lives and businesses.

After all, the research of our Digital Transformation Institute into what  makes companies Digital Masters show us that a healthy digital appetite – even when in the middle of a confusing, unpredictable technology market – is a foundational quality.

So by all means, have a look at the Digital building boxes of our TechnoVision 2016 edition. We have 37 of them, neatly categorized in areas ranging from trends in IT infrastructure and core applications via Big Data and agile processes all the way up to the next generation of user experiences and connected people and things. They are designed to whet your Digital appetite, provide you with fresh perspectives and ideas and – if nothing else – trigger your fascination for emerging technologies.

You may have already followed our preview series on the CTO blog, which started all the way back in November last year. But here are all the materials nicely brought together, packaged in an interactive eBook and augmented with some additional sections.

As the eBook is completely modular and clickable, you really don’t want to consider printing it and reading it sequentially from page 1 to 148 (although you could). Instead, download it to your favorite tablet and browse though it any way you like. Select a building box in an area that you are unfamiliar with and learn something new. Or select one that you master and find out if we are up to date with our analysis. A chapter is never longer than 2 pages – and we use a substantial font size as well – so you can have a go at TechnoVision 2016 even with very limited time available.

There are many ways we apply TechnoVision, from workshops in our Applied Innovation Exchange labs and quite physical ‘Theater’ sessions that bring business and technology people together to cross-checking architectural designs, creating Digital roadmaps and educating our own and external professionals.

Arguable the most important components of the eBook are not the content chapters but the profiles of the people that contributed to them. All of the people mentioned are experts in their area – they are all part of our Expert Connect network – and you are most welcome to reach out to them for further questions, whether you are inside or outside Capgemini.

Enjoy the eBook. Next year’s edition will celebrate TechnoVision’s tenth anniversary and the way that we deliver the 2017 materials might be – well – quite a bit different. Come and see, we’ll keep you posted.