MFGPath, Capgemini’s Market-leading platform for manufacturing companies, is now available on the latest technology from SAP. Some would call it an upgrade but we prefer  to call it a “complete MFGPath re-launch 2.0” since it´s a complete new solution enabling S/4 HANA features with the Capgemini’s add on functionalities to make it the natural next step into “digital manufacturing”!

FIORI is no longer only an option for some processes to enhance mobility and efficiency but now instead the natural way of running MFGPath 2.0. With more than 270 FIORI Apps MFGPath enables flexibility in all aspects.

MFGPath 2.0 also extends the pre-configured processes from original scope of sales, procurement, production, finance and controlling to include best practice within service and plant maintenance. Why stay with high TCO supporting a landscape when one solution could cover it all?


The new process scope is basic to manage current operations for most manufacturers to just stay in business. Moving forward requires more and to take the next step towards the digital world of manufacturing MFGPath 2.0 also offers PROOFECY – your own crystal ball! Proofecy unlocks the potential of predictive analytics and internet of things to address the problems before you or your customer even think about them connecting sensor data with service operations – see for yourself:

MFGPath 2.0 – the latest technology, new user experience, extended functionality, IoT prepared and still is possible to implement in 16 weeks at a cost of 350 K€. If you don´t believe this, Capgemini offers our Phase 0 – Pre-study concept to find out the match between your business processes and MFGPath 2.0. Our experience is that the Phase 0 confirms the 16 weeks at a cost of 350 K€ but we are always open for a challenge if you believe you have a case…

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