Welcome to London! This year’s European Summit is being help in London. I arrived Tuesday morning following a long overnight flight from Atlanta. The flight duration isn’t the only difference between this Summit and Vegas. 

For our team, this is the first event we are attending with the Connected Bag and Immersive Retail Experience since the show in Las Vegas. Then, the demo was new, fresh, and nobody had seen it. Now, there were expectations. Videos and other content had been distributed to external audiences who would be attending the show.

The opening keynote was delivered by Brad Rencher, EVP and GM for Digital Marketing at Adobe. While he held true to the message that Experience’s are how companies will be competing moving forward, but notably added specific mention of IoT and the role they will play in driving the experiences of the future.  The audience sat and listened. 

It was then that one of Adobe’s EMEA market leaders took the stage to demo the capabilities of the Adobe Marketing Cloud combined with the power of the Internet of Things.  The Capgemini and Twyst, Inc Connected bag was shown to the audience in a demo featuring the Argos and in the scenario she was shopping for headphones. When she showed how the Connected Bag allowed for a truly frictionless checkout experience, the crowd erupted in applause. 

What we’ve learned from this is that when the market is presented with innovation that truly removes friction from their lives, no matter how simple it is, they are eager to adopt it.  Businesses on the other hand want it, but somehow allow their current operating model to prevent them from adopting innovative solutions.  This is something that is paramount to both the overall success of an IoT strategy, as well as competing in the Experience Economy. In order for the investments in new technology to generate the ROI intended, current operating models have to change. 

As the Connected Bag and Immersive Retail Experience are now global offerings from Capgemini, we are looking forward to having compelling conversations with our clients and partnering with them as they embark on their journey into the Experience Economy.