Companies store massive amounts of data, the amount of information we create and store is growing year over year. Even though the costs for purchasing storage solutions are also dropping year over year we see that the total costs for companies is growing. Companies are already implementing storage tiering for all good reasons.

By implementing a good storage tiering solution where you store hot, warm, cold and archive data on different types of storage directly shows a benefit. This has worked for years however other solutions are now also coming in to the picture. Oracle provides a storage cloud solution from within their public cloud offering.

One of the solutions provided is a Oracle Linux based software appliance running in a Docker container which can form a bridge between your in-house storage and the cloud storage. By leveraging this solution in the right manner you can add a cloud tier to your storage tiering and decrease the TCO for storage dramatically.

In the below presentation you can find more details about the Oracle Storage Cloud and how you can leverage this solution to build a hybrid storage solution, spanning your local datacenter and the Oracle Public Cloud.



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