Making the future of work real . . . for me

Over the last few years that has been loads written about the changing world of work. Whether this is the impact of Gen Z, technology displacement of workers, creative office environments, remote working, network operating models . . . the list goes on! For those new to the topic this great RSA animate from Microsoft’s Dave Coplin is a great starting point.

These topics make interesting reads, but until recently, have had very little impact on my day to day work. That is until we started thinking about the culture, environment and tooling that we wanted for our Applied Innovation Exchange team.

We found the awesome smell of the place video a useful inspiration when it comes to thinking about culture. The video shares that changing people is difficult; instead change the context or “smell of the place” that they exist within. For us, creating the right “smell” was all about valuing our differing skill sets, living our corporate values of boldness and team spirit and a beg forgiveness not permission approach, to certain internal processes.

When thinking about our Exchange environment, we wanted to encourage collaboration, sharing and creativity. We designed the space to be open with shared benches and no set desks. Visual management is another thing we built in. Helping us to communicate the progress of work and encourage the team to swarm around problems. We have also gone for a couple of peg and Lego notice boards for a bit of playfulness within the space. 

Our team is a distributed group, with people spread across the globe. We also have partners and SMEs join our team for short sprints. We wanted to make sure we used technology to enable this flexible team dynamic. We use collaboration tools such as Slack and my3D (a Capgemini collaboration tool that helps teams plan and schedule work) along with workplace technologies from Intel. Their workplace Unity and WiDi devices allow us to quickly share the work we are doing locally within the space and across the globe.

I am sure these will continue to evolve as we gradually move in and get used to our new home. So really interested to hear any hacks that are making a difference in your workplace.

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