Hello and welcome to our inaugural Big Data Analytics blog on Expert Connect. I’m the head of the UK BDA practice, part of Capgemini’s exciting Insights & Data (I&D) Global practice. We have three teams within BDA, Big Data Engineering, Analytics and Data Science; and it’s the latter, led by our Chief Data Scientist Toby Balfre, that I’d like to introduce in this opening note.

In Capgemini we consider Data Science to be much more than just Machine Learning; as you’d expect it is at the core of our capabilities, but we go much further to include the power of a broad range of analytical techniques and data approaches integrated together to a combined greater effect. Our three teams work closely together, using the skills of our engineers, analysts and scientists to ensure the insights we discover are true business insights that can be acted upon; there is little point in insights for the sake of insights. Our clients can range from small to the very large, but all share common traits of drowning in data and wanting to exploit it as a real asset; this provides a wealth of opportunities for enthusiastic data scientists to help unlock and translate data into true business benefit.

The work of the team is split between the private sector (primarily Utilities), Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, Finance and the public sector (several UK Government Departments), but often the approaches and tools employed across these areas are common and the goal is often to form, develop and therefore establish local Data Science capabilities within our client organisations – often realising benefits through rapid prototyping followed by up-scaling those demonstrators; all through an Agile Development process.

I know I can speak on behalf of Toby when I say we are both very proud of the Data Science capabilities we have developed and our growth is testament to the feedback we have received from our clients. An important focus of ours is to package these capabilities to provide new and existing clients cost-effective DS accelerators. Over the coming weeks several members of the team will be blogging about these capabilities, in particular on the Public Sector Assurance Platform.

I am excited to share with you our capabilities and ideas, and discuss our vision for global enterprise data science which embeds insights at the point of action.


Adding an update to this, as I did promise a number of blogs from the team…

  • Matt Thompson talks here about how to take Machine Learning to the next level by combining multiple analytical techniques together
  • Natalia Angarita discusses here how Machine Learning can be applied to public services.  
  • Kannan Jayaraman gives his views on how Analytics can drives optimisation in public services.
  • Toby Gamm talks about Assurance Scoring
  • Tom Sinadinos discusses here about Network Analysis at Scale
  • Andrea Capodicasa, from our Big Data team, teases us with an opening account of Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework