X-Files: A Search for Terrestrial Intelligence

There is a common theme that connects my favorite mysteries- the Honjo Masamune, Kruger gold and lost Fabergé Eggs. While they are factual, real, and within reach, we are far from finding the truth. The subject of this blog is similar-Content Intelligence, a topic which is well discussed, with lot of history and fast evolving.  But unlike the search for Beale Treasures, Content Intelligence is a promising and fast converging idea.

Content intelligence is different from just managing the content (Content Management). Content Intelligence focus is to enable companies to unleash the power of its information hidden in the vast complexity of structured and unstructured content. The Holy Grail of Content Intelligence is to predict and deliver content even before users start looking for it. So in summary, Content Intelligence =   Content + Cognition + Context. 

Content Intelligence in the past was considered inflexible, complex and expensive. Also today’s environment add complexity due to velocity, volume and variety of the content. There lies the challenge and an opportunity for companies to create a powerful competitive edge by surfacing right content in the hands of right person/system at the right time and of course at a right cost.

Many Content Intelligence companies are addressing this challenge by bringing together Machine learning technologies, Big Data and Cloud. As you probably know, Machine learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed to do so, using algorithms that iteratively learn from data. Using Machine learning, content intelligence applications can crawl and automatically classify, identify business context and enrich metadata (tags) within structured and unstructured content. Big Data technologies and Cloud are helping this cause by enhanced speed, scalability and reduced cost.

While traditional content management companies are making progress, it’s more exciting that relatively new companies are making leaps and bounds in cognitive infusion into content management. Find below some companies we are tracking in the space of Content Intelligence:

Unlike some of the lost treasures that I mentioned in the beginning of this post, as far as enterprise content management is concerned, the day is not in the far future where we will be able to surface content effortlessly across various content stores. Technology can serve and surface contextual relevant help and content even before users knew they needed it.  This is an exciting prospect and will help drive enterprise efficiency and performance. Finally we may have keys to unlock terrestrial intelligence.

Are you ready for the next generation of content management with Content Intelligence?



  • Thanks to Gaurav Sharma, Senior Manager- Insights & Data, Capgemini, Houston for his contributions to this post
  • Traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) focuses on gathering, management and publishing of content. It consists of Document Management, Web Content Management, Records Management, Image processing and Social Content. We are following the below content management companies:


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