Top CFO issues in 2016

The modern CFO is no longer purely a Chief Financial Officer and there is a need for the modern CFO to know more and more about IT. With the change to the more digital enterprise the need to understand IT becomes more and more clear for the CFO and the need to adopt new technologies becomes more and more visible. Also the challenges a CFO is facing now are stretching for a part into IT where a CFO needs to align with the CIO to ensure the finance will leverage IT in the best way possible and make the transition to a more digital way of doing business.

The challenges for the CFO in 2016, as predicted by Oracle on a high level are shown mentioned below:

  • Metrics:

    • Intangible assets now account for 80 percent of the value in the S&P 500 index. There is a need to ensure this can this value can be put into tangible KPI’s even in cases where the asset itself is not tangible.
  • Strategy:

    • CFO’s must shift their focus from the past to the future, using data as their guide.
  • Technology:

    • Companies need modern tools and business processes, with the security the cloud provides.
  • Value:

    • CFO’s need flexible systems that can value intangible assets
  • Analytics:

    • Analytical capabilities are crucial for gaining the right insights and working with line of business.

The below presentation gives some more insights in the challenges the CFO will face in 2016 and how Capgemini can provide support in meeting those challenges. 


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