“The best form of invention, is rapid reinvention” – Richard Dickson       

Day 3 kicked off with some impressive keynote speakers.  Rickard Dickson, Chief Brand Officer for Mattel kicked it off with an amazing storytelling experience.  Mattel is focused on innovation as a driver of engagement and their examples of this are numerous. The company is currently undergoing a transition from a toy company to a creations company and it’s exciting to experience their journey. 

The final keynote was actor and Oscar winner George Clooney.  He touched on topics such as the democratization of film.  New and emerging technologies are opening doors to creative talent and filmmakers around the world and enabling stories to be told that would never have happened in the legacy studio model.

“Today, two guys can shoot an entire film on an iPhone from Pakistan. And these stories would never be told otherwise, and that’s incredible.”- George Clooney

In the vein of rapid reinvention, one of the more fascinating aspects of the Capgemini Digital Innovation team’s experience at Adobe Summit was the interest and intrigue from people who have nothing to do with retail, and the connected bag has no applicability to their business.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the last few days is that every company is trying to innovate.  While this may be common knowledge, perhaps at times there is a tendency to forget that companies are comprised of people, and people need to be inspired.  Being able to demonstrate applied innovation in an immersive, end-to-end solution did just that.  The connected bag has been a resounding success.  We have collectively demonstrated the Connected Bag Immersive Retail experience to over 600 visitors.  The conversations that followed ranged from “I want that, let’s talk about putting it into my stores this summer”, to “I love this, can you help us solve this problem (that has nothing to do with the bag)”. 

Ultimately, this was our goal.  We aimed to inspire compelling conversations around innovation and the process of applied innovation, and this we accomplished in spades.  Until next year, Summit.