I arrived in Vegas this morning after taking the early flight from Atlanta. We spent the day setting up the booth and ensuring that we had the necessary connectivity to run our demos over the next few days.  It is surprisingly satisfying when you watch an otherwise blank space take on personality and begin to represent your brand and your team. Capgemini Digital Innovation is represented by 10 colleagues from around the world with various levels of responsibility, but we all have one thing in common, we are all innovators and we all understand that digital is leading the way for the industrial revolution of the 21st century.  We were fortunate to meet so many people, and had some face time with some notable members of the press thanks to the good will of our partner, Adobe.

One of the more compelling conversations I was a part of today involved an executive from Adobe who is relatively new to their innovation team.  During our conversation he said, “Marketing and Advertising is changing and has changed.  It’s no longer about producing a radio commercial or some television spot.  To win today companies have to deliver engaging experiences to their customers. And it’s all being enabled by technology.” It was interesting to hear, considering that he himself had just left one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world.  If this is indicative of the types of discussions we will have over the next few days we will all go home full; full of new ideas, new ways of thinking, and a new perspective on innovation. 

I can’t deny the excitement and anticipation of this week.  Our team has been working tirelessly for the last 6+ months with a startup from Denver, CO and Adobe to develop an innovative customer experience. It was previewed today to a small group of Adobe partners during their Partner Day presentations on the main stage and we were met with resounding applause.  This was the first win of what will surely be a successful week. More on that to come.