The transformation catalyst

According to Didier Bonnet, Capgemini Consulting global digital transformation practice leader, speaking at the recent Travel Daze conference in Sydney, Digital Transformational needs a catalyst to bring the new way of working to life;  the Chief Data Officer.

In the same way, service integration, the transformation of IT service governance and management, requires a Service Integrator.

The Service Integrator, positioned between the client organisation and service provider ecosystem, is a key stakeholder in the delivery of IT services to the business. 

Neither an agent of the client nor the representative of the ecosystem, the Service Integrator, with commercial “skin in the game” i.e. being accountable for overall service performance, is a highly motivated change agent incentivised to avoid the setbacks and the pointless finger pointing that so often characterises the traditional approach to governing multi-sourced IT service provider arrangements.

What enables the Service Integrator to perform its role are a set of linked agreements between the client, the ecosystem and the service integrator. These agreements legitimise the service integrators role, scope of activity and authority. They enable the service integrator to autonomously make operational decisions without reference to the client. Integrated performance obligations, e.g. shared SLAs and OLAs, a new operating model – the”rules of the club”, and transparency of information, further equip the service integrator.

Once established the Service Integrator drives the culture change needed to persuade the parties that collaborating is in the best interests of all. Establishing such a “better together” relationship philosophy takes time to develop, is founded on trust, and can only be built by “consenting” adults.

There are very powerful drivers for this evolution in relationships to come about; for the client, unlocking the full potential of the service provider ecosystem to innovate new dynamic services required to enable digital transformation.

For the ecosystem service providers and the service integrator, at its simplest, the avoidance of failure, but more profoundly, being elevated to becoming key digital transformation partners on the back of the strengthened relationship bond.

As Didier summed up in Sydney, “Unless senior executives push this transformation, it won’t happen – it is a lost cause.”[1]

So the same is true for service integration…the Service Integrator is key!


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