I had the pleasure of speaking at an Oracle Open World Executive Session in San Francisco last week about the Shakespearian question many organizations are facing today: “To Innovate or Not to Innovate?” In my opinion, Innovating is no longer an option to stay relevant. Innovation availability and access are no longer market issues. It’s the ability to apply it and becoming proficient at doing so, that helps differentiates one organization to another. How to find the best solution in the market, contextualize it for your needs, ensure adoption within your organization and continue this process to remain ahead of the competition.

Capgemini addresses these four phases through an integrated process that starts with “Discover”, goes through “Devise” and “Deploy” and ends/starts again with “Sustain”. This framework allows companies to apply innovation surely, safely, at scale and at speed. Not only does Capgemini offer the best in class approach to apply innovation, it also brings in the most extended ecosystem into an exchange to enhance collaboration and open innovation. Our Applied Innovation Exchange is focused on the disruptive and business issues that are occurring in the market today. We think with a partner like Oracle, we can proactively address those and remain ahead of the curve.