MFGPath, Capgemini’s Market-leading platform for manufacturing companies , is already based on SAP HANA  with access to the new user interface Fiori. 50+ Fiori apps are already activated and included in the MFGPath solution.

We are following our Roadmap and we have now started to implement Simple Finance. The new Simple Finance 2.0 will offer our customers a state of the art solution. The greatest benefits are process simplification, faster reporting, faster closing and a number of enhanced financial functions. We will also activate even more Fiori apps where we will focus on analytical and fact sheet apps. 

 Capgemini will also enhance MFGPath  with functionality created  during a number of Capgemini installations, examples are migration programs, functionality within Quality Management  and other areas, reports, localization for different countries like Sweden, China and some more European countries.

The work with the next MFGPath release will be done together with our colleagues in US and India, the job has started  and we plan to be ready in January 2016. There are also other Path solutions like RetailPath and they will all be on Simple Finance from Q1 2016.


We are also working hard to connect our MFGPath system via Hana Cloud Platform to external sensors, in our case located on a ship engine.  We still believe that the manufacturing industry will continue to transform the business model from producing and selling products, spare parts & services to providing complete solutions covering the full lifecycle which then needs to be integrated into the ERP systems.  Some of our consultants has been to Waldorf and worked together with SAP to develop new functionality. More info to follow.

The core MFGPaht solution is based on SAP best practice for SAP Best Practices for Industrial Machinery and Components Package V3.607.

Short introduction to MFGPath: