Managing the Influx of email is a constant battle and to stay effective and sane there are a number of key measures that I found really helpful:

  1. Try to use email more effectively / “advice your colleagues” how to use email more effectively
  • Email is a great tool, when used and applied appropriately.
  • Unfortunately some emails are sometimes “not relevant”, “half relevant” or simply redundant
  • To address use and apply the 10 key tips – read here
  1. Use folders and rules
  • Create folders to apply rules to filter emails
  • Make sure you prioritise correctly
  1. Use colour coding
  • As an example use red for client, blue for line manager
  • All unread are bold all read are normal
  • Work from top down and move emails
  1. Use the inbox as a task list
  • Group all emails into conversations
  • Work from top list in the conversation down and not bottom up
  • Once email has been “processed” move into a completed folder
  1. Ensure each day your inbox is less than a page long
  • Make sure that before EOB you have cleared out your inbox so that you only have one page left
  • That will help with “staying on top of” our emails

Applying these measures has helped me to manage my email inbox effectively.

Key to remember is that these 5 measures are only dealing with the “symptoms” – to really impact email you should try and apply the 10 top tips: see here