Are you innovative enough in finding the digital talents?

Recruiting through social media is more than posting current job openings. It’s about creating an identity for the company, one that brings interest to life and makes it easy for potential recruits to see themselves one day working for that company. You need to Build an identity and be interesting.

Social media pushes competitive companies to be present and engaged. It makes them seem more human and tangible for potential candidates as they become easy to connect with and open for dialogue. For that reason the brand image that social media is presenting has to be reflected in the reality. If candidates choose an employer based on this image it is important that they continuously receive a confirmation of their choice in reality.

So how do I use Social media in recruitment?
The first step is that of understanding that it’s an honest choice that a candidate makes when choosing a company over another. Each person has a personal definition of what the perfect work place looks like and social media can help verify matching with that image. Once a person has chosen a company based on the branding image there starts a confirmation phase where the same image must be found also in reality. Ideally, the employee should be able to immerse in her own choice and become part of it. That’s why it’s a good idea to use real employees and real events as opposed to stock image photos and other artificial means of promoting a company image. More important than presenting an attractive image is that of showing a true reflection of what the company stands for and its relation to current employees.

So are you innovative enough in finding the digital talents? Are you adapting to new trends?
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most commonly used social media channels for many companies. Sure, there are a huge number of users and the chances of finding more experts to recruit are higher. Still, creating a presence on newer social media channels can also be rewarding as it might make it easier to target just the right type of candidates.

Basically each social media channel that a company is joining requires effort in the sense that communication must always take place in both directions. Comments should be answered almost instantly and managing that interaction on a large number of channels can become daunting. It’s a matter of striking a balance between being bold and joining new social media channels and still being able to manage all in a way that brings most returns.

Results don’t come over night. A Twitter account won’t gain a few thousand organic followers over night and neither will Instagram or Facebook. Building authority on social media is a long and slow road. A brand is defined piece by piece, through a sum of correct actions, by being consistent to the image that the company wants to show to the world. ” I’d say that it’s worth it, as there is value in looking deeper than only job-related competences in a candidate. The goal is recruiting the right person and the right person is one that can identify itself with the company’s values over a longer period of time. In the process, companies are challenged by defining and living up to their own values. It’s a win-win situation and a lot of work that pays off.”

Are you innovative enough in finding the digital talents?

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