In this series, I would consider topics in World Quality Report 2015 and offer my observations on how each of the topics has evolved over the last 3 years, WQR 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

The topics in this series include (i) QA Transformation (ii) QA budgets (iii) QA maturity and State of Digital transformation (iv) Agile /DevOps (v) Security Testing (vi) Mobility (vii) TEM (viii) Automation and other relevant topics in WQR since 2013. This blog topic discusses how QA transformation has evolved since 2013 to-date.

1. QA & testing Transformation – Key Trends Focus of Testing Transformation has moved from centralizing test organization to addressing digital business to maturing digital business.

2. QA & testing Transformation – Drivers The key driver for QA and Testing transformation has changed from cost optimization in 2013 to need for instant access to information in 2014, to focus on customer value and end user experience in 2015.

3. QA & testing Transformation – Key Focus Key focus of QA and testing has moved from creating right organizational model for QA to coping with increased use of SMAC, to current focus on customer experience and business assurance.

4. QA & testing Transformation – Evidence to changing trends and need for changed focus The evidence points to increased adoption of TCOE in 2013 to increased new development projects on SMAC technologies in 2014 to current focus on protecting corporate reputation.

5. Key Recommendations for QA & Testing Transformation Key recommendations in 2013 included use of metrics to provide value of centralized QA organization. 2014 saw a rapid introduction of SMAC technologies and it meant finding own formula that worked to adapt to use of SMAC, 2015 places need for refocus of QA on customer experience and business assurance.  

6. Conclusion Is QA transformation dependent on existence of a central TCOE? Perhaps, not! While last 3 years has seen increased consolidation of QA into a centralized organization and more outsourced contracts with external QA providers, the QA transformation focus today is not solely dependent on existence of central QA organization. Increased use of SMAC technologies has driven focus of QA transformation to evolve its focus into customer experience and business assurance.

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