Capgemini has been a thought leader in Managed Test Services offering and has a large client base benefitting from these services. Our MTS service has offered the clients >15% reduction in time to market, a >97% reduction in high severity defect leaks, and a >30% reduction in testing cost.

Capgemini’s Traditional Managed Testing Service (MTS) Key cornerstones of MTS offering has been
(i) Industrialized Test Processes
(ii) Tools, frameworks and accelerators
(iii) Catalog based test services
(iv) SLA based governance
(v) Delivery models and demand management
(vi) Continuous improvement

Agile MTS – Future of Managed Testing Service?

Over last few months we have challenged ourselves on whether we should envisage changes to the way MTS would evolve in the world of Agile? How do the 6 cornerstones above change in the agile world?

With our culture to continuously challenge ourselves, Capgemini has come up with the launch of Capgemini’s Agile MTS offering. The Agile MTS offering is backed by Agile TCOE offering a combination of test consulting, test services and use of assets for engagements operating in Agile model.

Agile TCOE Offerings

(1) Agile MTS Test Consulting
(a) Agile Transformation Assessment – to assess applicability of transformational levers and benefits possible with Agile MTS approach.
(b) Distributed Agile Test Assessment – to assess level of co-location vs decentralization that could be practices in a particular engagement while practicing Agile.
(c) Agile Testing Transition Assessment – to assess for ease of transition to agile MTS and any requirements to keep in mind while transitioning.

(2) Agile MTS Service

Includes Agile functional Test service across domains, functional automation, performance testing, mobile test, regression test, pay per use model for testing. The Agile MTS service is designed to offer Contnuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.

(3) Transformational Assets to back our Agile MTS offering

Consulting Methods – TMAP® Agile | Agile QBP | SAFe™ | TMap NEXT® in Scrum | Agile process tool kit | Automation tool kit
Tools – LIVE | Estimation toolkits | | Continuous Integration framework | Digital Test Portal | OneShare
Workbenches – BDD |TDD | CAFÉ|MBT | Vague Checker | TDM | Prepackaged workbenches

With more than 2500 Agile experts (450+ Agile certified), over 50 accounts and 200 engagements operating in agile model, Agile MTS is the future of Managed Test Service (MTS).

Why Capgemini Agile MTS? What are the differentiated Benefits?

While key premise of MTS has been high quality testing service with industrialization, productivity improvement and optimal cost, last decade has seen time to market as key lever being sought by clients. Agile MTS is a response to need for faster time to market. Agile MTS offering has offered following key benefits across engagements –

– Use of behavior driven automation resulting in 30% reduction in regression effort
– Improved test delivery velocity by 50% with a release every three months
– 70% of defects being identified early in the lifecycle – Increased velocity with sprint every 2 weeks.

Agile MTS has maintained the level of quality established through MTS service – zero critical defects and >95% first time acceptance of products/applications.

With Distributed Agile, the Agile MTS is not onshore heavy, our service has offered more than 50% cost saving with use of 85% distributed delivery of agile projects.

Conclusion – our customers today require assurance on business outcomes from agile initiatives. Agile initiatives need to achieve fast Time to market. Agile testing projects need specific tools for Agile lifecycle, and need agile set up of test environments and provisioning of test data. Also, customers need Agile practiced in a cost effective matter with adequate offshore leverage. Agile MTS is an offering suited to offer all this.

To read more about the evolving world of Agile/DevOps , do read the World Quality Report 2015 –