Capgemini and our app The Traffic Agent was last week showcased at Cannes Lions Innovation. With 897 registered projects, the competition for gold was fierce. Although our app did not bring home any awards, it got good exposure. I was fortunate enough to represented Capgemini in Cannes and here are the top trends from the conference.


It’s not easy to limit oneself being emerged in the epicentre of data innovation – but four main trends materialised it self. Healthcare, robots, wearables and procurement of Big Data. The winners are those of us that manage to use these trends and combine them in new creative solutions – that the end user desperately wants to use.

1. The robots are coming!

I have to mention Pepper, the emotional robot from Dentsu Inc. in Japan. This is the world’s first robot that can read your expressions and tone of voice. Pepper was sold out in it’s home marked, Japan, in less than one minute. Pepper is now active at work amongst lonely elders, working with kids, in stores and even has it’s own TV-show. Learn more about Pepper

2. Data is BIG

Data is the the colour we are painting with, according to Lightwave and Mindshare. They have worked out how to mix proximity data with user data such as age, puls and profession in a impressive project: “The algorithm of you”. This is a Business Intelligence meets Graphic Design solution that you just want to start explore immediately. In other words, cracking the code on how to utilize Big data to us as end users. Check out what Adweeks makes of them

3. Analytics and wearables

Healthcare was on everybody’s lips in Cannes. One of the solutions presented was Watson from IBM. Watson helps a patient send personal health data to their doctor or hospital. With a little helps from Watsons advanced BI solution, the doctor can return health advice to their patient. It saves the patient a trip to the doctor and streamlines the healthcare system resources. With a hook up of correct wearables the doctor can even treat the patient through the cloud. More on Watson is a click away.

4. More healthcare – more self care

Back up Memory is a great app solution from Samsung Tunisia. It helps patient with dementia to remember who their family and close ones are. With the use of proximity data it “warns” the patient when someone registered as family or friend is approaching. Feeding the patient with photos, videos and private messages it takes the stress of dementia out of the equation before the meeting takes place. This way both the patient and relative can focus on haveing a good time together. Check out Back up Memeory


What does these trends mean for Capgemini?

As consultants in the Technology sector this presents a great opportunity. The demand from end users around the world are rising fast. Digital solutions in both public sector and private corporations must revitalize themself in short iterative timespans. Data is in other words our times greatest tool to create innovative solutions and enhance the life of all humans. But only the ones that are willing to combine digital insight with disruptive thinking will in the end prevail. So I’ll better get back to doing just that. Now.

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